Tuesday, 12 January 2010


This is the finished image but with bad time management I quickly took a photograph an hour before handing it in. I didn't sent it off to the to Ted Baker competition, I really regret not sending it and finishing it off. The circles would be turning the patterns behind the boards that the models are holding. I had fun creating this image- it is a little set that I made. I would work in this way again- I will have good organize skills with better time management.
I've nearly finished the brief, next week I got to make three '60s pattern wheels, cut out clothes on the white board and two more models like this. This image is half way through and it be finished very soon. O and the layout of how it is going to be in the front window and that's it.

I am looking at deers specially the antlers to get an idea to make a mask and looking at Antoinette Messenger masks, of teddy heads on dead animals.

Our new brief from YCN Student Awards is to devise a campaign for the launch of the Ted Baker Autumn/Winter collections, that makes use of their store window as its primary vehicle. I found some images from different front stores windows. Are work has to be irreverently British, fun and attention-grabbing and simple to understand. (Above is a Ted Baker front window)