Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Saw this band on Saturday- pretty pretty good.
Check them out here

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hannah Havana

First of all, what a great name. Look at this work, which is full of wit, humour and play on words. It us interesting to see what applications it is used for. You can see from her portfolio that she has worked in contexts as varied as fashion, art installations, window displays, props and dance performance. She also works in a collective.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Foto-Grafik Project

The brief is to be inspiration from the many and varied examples.
First week we have to use an existing photograph, found photographs and change them.
With this image- I cut into it and layered and the lines are from sewing into paper, used the photocopy and blew the the sew up.

For the second part of the brief, we have to produce two images and have a theme or subject matter image is totally open. With this image I have blown up bubbles and scan them into Photoshop using my own photograph. My next step is to screenprint onto photo's that I have used with a throw away camera.

This is what I am heading for, image below. The theme is '4 Precious Pictures.' The same method from above but made into a family album.

The method I used above: I screen printed the bubbles and shapes and scanned them into Photoshop.

Used the same method, This theme is called 'bubbles marks' With these pictures I am going make a photo album to make them look old and special.

This is my finished image above the theme is '4 Precious Things'

This theme is this image is called 'Wonder' I screen printed on top 4 pictures.

This image Theme is called 'The Follower'

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Editorial two: 'What it Feels Like' o

I paper mashic the monkey head and took a photo, then Photoshop a man suit to the Monkey. Are breif was to make three Illustration , taking from little stories of panic and what it would feel like.

Swear words and replaced them with swords flying out.

I got two blocks of wood shaped into an elephant and a monster, then got them vacuum shaped into plastic and pop them into the freezer. I took a photo- very quickly of with the ice blocks on a light box.