Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dialogue Ignites Change: Theme: Water

Finished piece. It is about how women and children walk for miles, I plaster cast my feet, so that they look tired. The pan of water is for you to get the feel of what it is like carrying water for miles.

For our new project we are to research on people (individual behaviour) develop and refine a body of work of body knowledge, that deals with various spheres such as the globe representing the earth, the set of points which are fixed distance from a central point of space. Look at human activity and the role of mental functions within a individual social behaviour upon the given theme- Water. The map of the world of future water stress, on how water availability may change, Temperatures, Population and Industrialisation increases. I've found a website on world water council the website shows how there is a lack of drinking water . There is more water wasted today, more then 1 out of six people lack access to safe drinking water and childern die of borne diseases . I heard about that clouds are being injected to make it rain but it caused a storm, there are things that we don't know whats going on in the world. In this project we are to show more aware on things and inform the public more information on water of how we feel as individual if that happened to us and give an insight on are finished design.
Water stress map.

China overdoes
clouds seeding to end drought and turn Beijing to snow. Chinese weather scientsts produce chemicals into clouds to produce rain to ease a drought in Beijing and were embarrassingly caught out by sudden cold/snow

I am researching more on Women and Children in the developing world and how they walk for miles to get water for there family. They walk over 4000 steps a day and the weight of water carried can be over 25 kilograms. Child care suffers, as does education from children collecting water.
I have been looking at Artist landscapes Richard Long and got on the idea of walking and thinking of creating a plaster cast of feet. I been looking at Antony Gormley for research, he uses his own body for sculptures.

I am looking at different of types of buckets that Women and Children use to get water, to help me install the exhibition.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


To Mark Whiteside: celebrated at southport weekender

Monday, 26 October 2009

Collaboration:Grouped from different pathways. Door(way).

I am looking at children animations/films that are going through doorways Alice in Wonderland, Mr Benn and Willy Wonker. With all the bizarre goings on while going through the door and seeing what on the other side, in the weird and wonderful imaginative world, and time traveling through a door. Also the dream world, where dreams are are happy then turn into a nightmare while looking through a key hole you can see whats happening and how it make you feel (emotions) Also looking through someone mind and their eyes on there thoughts and sences. I have been getting some ideas from Container Plus with the dark rooms with no windows, making you feel intense and scared. Also looking at Daft Punk vidoes- Da Funk for the edviroment. I found this mask on the internet and its so weired, I think they have taken a picture of there own head, used heated paper on fabric and stiched it together and looking making panda heads and cardboard wolf masks. Our theme is on Urban citys, looking through someones eyes in the edviroment we live in through a door. Graffiti is about everywhere, tagging, posters and stickers. From our group, two of them are going to New York and going to research on the edviroment, while two of us are going to research in Manchester/Stockport.

We have all enjoyed working in a group. It gives us an idea what it’s like in the real world, for working at a company or freelance and working together. We all have commutated well together, through emails and blogs. When the boys were in New York or if one of us was off, we keep us all updated. As are roles we have all got different design skills, they have worked out really well in the last two weeks with putting the exhibition together and have been surprising each other with are skills (in a good way).

We are all happy with the outcome with are Exhibition. Our instillation is titled “There’s Two Sides”. This came from the idea that there is 2 sides to every story and 2 sides to every door / doorway. We wanted you to experience this to engage with the piece and watching the second part of our instillation, which is in the box.

The mask is the main piece, it's shown more in the video.

Stages of our door: I have been layering the door with paint, graffiti, sandpaper, then glued posters and flyers on. A memeber of my group friend is going to tag the door and do more graffiti.

Research for our project.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mando Manderin

Mando Manderin has a lovely stall on at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at Spinningfeilds. She creates creatures, cushions, cards, embroidered Illustartions from screen prints, embroiderey and textiles.

Julia Pott

I am working today on reception, and looking at a few websites and came across Julia Pott, an Illusrator artist and she as done a few animations, There so pretty and cute.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Finished pattern design for the Mulberry brief.

I draw a horse and a bag and scanned them into photoshop and creative a repeated pattern, then produced the pattern in Illustrator. I went for a theme from looking at Mulberry website, their trend, colours and next year their new collection is the theme fairgrounds.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Misaki Kawai

While I have not seen your i-stop piece, I have heard about it and thought this would be right up your street. It is so theatrical and quirky. Misaki Kawai has many strings to her bow. She was born in Japan but works now in New York, she currently strives to make work which keeps the innocent, honest integrity of adolescent playfulness, but on a more grand and sophisticated level. Here is video link of an interview with her.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

On at Urbis: Home Grown, new exhibition

HomeGrown: The Story of UK Hip Hop is the first major exhibition to chronicle, in depth, the development of the UK Hip Hop scene.
15th oct to March 2010

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Produce a pattern/design for Mulberrys London store

I am to produce a pattern/design for Mulberrys flagship London store in Illustrator, it will be applied to the store walls, vinyl cut as a window display (4h x 12w) and to be made into a huge carpet for the store. The design for each should feature the same elements and colour way. I am to not to use texture and look more on line, shape and partterns. Mulberry is a luxuery brand in the uk, they range from bags, wallets, womens and mens clothing, travel accessories and home furnishing. There desgins have featured in Vogue and Talter Mulberry combine cool of the city and the countryside and upto date. The colours I am thinking of working with are mouse grey, burnt orange, dark rouge noir. Also I seen the 2010 collection for Mulberrys and the theme is fairgrounds.

This my pattern I produced it first in photoshop, I draw it and scaned it in and repeated the pattern, then produce it use it Illustrator - eek.

Toffee apples are
a right treat at fairgrounds and I like the pattern of these apples and found little patterns of little carousel horses.

Erica Wakerly is a contemporary interior designer, I really love her work.

Patterns of snow fakes, peacocks and leaves.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I found a good website on world famous Illustration. This image is by Zoe More Offrrall meadi used: heavy pen and ink based, photography and screen printing. She is inspired in "everyday" architecture, objects, packaging, possessions and pop culture.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jiggery Pokery

Hi Liz,

Saw these guys (girls actually) and thought of you Jiggery Pokery


Monday, 28 September 2009

Contemporary Studies: Post-modern

(Art Modern Art 1945-2000, David Hopkins,page 107)
Post-modernism means post war after war & cerebration of difference & human identity. Postmodern artist sometimes use early modernist, like classical work & combine them to create something new.

Post-modernism started in the 1960s when new forms happened, new art such as pop art, bright colours, mixed photography, paints & drawing. Global started with cultural identity race artistic techniques, mixed media & new commutation technology, such as mobile phones, satellite TV & internet.
‘Like other postmodern works, requires that viewers add their own interpretations for the work to be meaningful. Rather than assert absolutes’(post-modern).
Post-modern art obtains individual meaning of personal stories that responds with awareness.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Animation Day

This my animation called 'the magic carrot' from I stop motion.

Love this video from the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the way she dancing and the glitter at the end of the video, it's not an animations but I think it will help me when I'am creating my animation for my dancing horse.

The ABCD pop up book, my maths tutor showed my this, I like the movement and each letter has a different pattern and texture and each letter pops out.

I am loving the animation on this music video Ladyhawke, Illustrations by
Sarah Larnach and also check out this blog its pretty good blog, its got loads of mixed media from Illustration to music.

I love the movement in the opening sence to Juno, loose animation in this and the music goes so well, so cute.

A sneeking look of my Istop animation, still need a lot of work on it, its geting there. My animation is called the Magic Carrot.

ffwd from blu on Vimeo.

For my I stop animation my plan is going to based on a theme of a horse, for the background I am going to link it within the figure of my Horse with sound effects or music, my animation is to responds to words that I got given- I am going to produce a 'dancing' horse moving with disco beats.. I have made the Horses head out of paper mashe as I did with my last brief on Little Red Riding Hood, I have found a really good book called Tangible, some amazing funny images that going to help me loads & found some good animation that I put on my blog.
Lets see what happens.