Monday, 26 October 2009

Collaboration:Grouped from different pathways. Door(way).

I am looking at children animations/films that are going through doorways Alice in Wonderland, Mr Benn and Willy Wonker. With all the bizarre goings on while going through the door and seeing what on the other side, in the weird and wonderful imaginative world, and time traveling through a door. Also the dream world, where dreams are are happy then turn into a nightmare while looking through a key hole you can see whats happening and how it make you feel (emotions) Also looking through someone mind and their eyes on there thoughts and sences. I have been getting some ideas from Container Plus with the dark rooms with no windows, making you feel intense and scared. Also looking at Daft Punk vidoes- Da Funk for the edviroment. I found this mask on the internet and its so weired, I think they have taken a picture of there own head, used heated paper on fabric and stiched it together and looking making panda heads and cardboard wolf masks. Our theme is on Urban citys, looking through someones eyes in the edviroment we live in through a door. Graffiti is about everywhere, tagging, posters and stickers. From our group, two of them are going to New York and going to research on the edviroment, while two of us are going to research in Manchester/Stockport.

We have all enjoyed working in a group. It gives us an idea what it’s like in the real world, for working at a company or freelance and working together. We all have commutated well together, through emails and blogs. When the boys were in New York or if one of us was off, we keep us all updated. As are roles we have all got different design skills, they have worked out really well in the last two weeks with putting the exhibition together and have been surprising each other with are skills (in a good way).

We are all happy with the outcome with are Exhibition. Our instillation is titled “There’s Two Sides”. This came from the idea that there is 2 sides to every story and 2 sides to every door / doorway. We wanted you to experience this to engage with the piece and watching the second part of our instillation, which is in the box.

The mask is the main piece, it's shown more in the video.

Stages of our door: I have been layering the door with paint, graffiti, sandpaper, then glued posters and flyers on. A memeber of my group friend is going to tag the door and do more graffiti.

Research for our project.

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