Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dialogue Ignites Change: Theme: Water

Finished piece. It is about how women and children walk for miles, I plaster cast my feet, so that they look tired. The pan of water is for you to get the feel of what it is like carrying water for miles.

For our new project we are to research on people (individual behaviour) develop and refine a body of work of body knowledge, that deals with various spheres such as the globe representing the earth, the set of points which are fixed distance from a central point of space. Look at human activity and the role of mental functions within a individual social behaviour upon the given theme- Water. The map of the world of future water stress, on how water availability may change, Temperatures, Population and Industrialisation increases. I've found a website on world water council the website shows how there is a lack of drinking water . There is more water wasted today, more then 1 out of six people lack access to safe drinking water and childern die of borne diseases . I heard about that clouds are being injected to make it rain but it caused a storm, there are things that we don't know whats going on in the world. In this project we are to show more aware on things and inform the public more information on water of how we feel as individual if that happened to us and give an insight on are finished design.
Water stress map.

China overdoes
clouds seeding to end drought and turn Beijing to snow. Chinese weather scientsts produce chemicals into clouds to produce rain to ease a drought in Beijing and were embarrassingly caught out by sudden cold/snow

I am researching more on Women and Children in the developing world and how they walk for miles to get water for there family. They walk over 4000 steps a day and the weight of water carried can be over 25 kilograms. Child care suffers, as does education from children collecting water.
I have been looking at Artist landscapes Richard Long and got on the idea of walking and thinking of creating a plaster cast of feet. I been looking at Antony Gormley for research, he uses his own body for sculptures.

I am looking at different of types of buckets that Women and Children use to get water, to help me install the exhibition.

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