Monday, 21 September 2009

Animation Day

This my animation called 'the magic carrot' from I stop motion.

Love this video from the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the way she dancing and the glitter at the end of the video, it's not an animations but I think it will help me when I'am creating my animation for my dancing horse.

The ABCD pop up book, my maths tutor showed my this, I like the movement and each letter has a different pattern and texture and each letter pops out.

I am loving the animation on this music video Ladyhawke, Illustrations by
Sarah Larnach and also check out this blog its pretty good blog, its got loads of mixed media from Illustration to music.

I love the movement in the opening sence to Juno, loose animation in this and the music goes so well, so cute.

A sneeking look of my Istop animation, still need a lot of work on it, its geting there. My animation is called the Magic Carrot.

ffwd from blu on Vimeo.

For my I stop animation my plan is going to based on a theme of a horse, for the background I am going to link it within the figure of my Horse with sound effects or music, my animation is to responds to words that I got given- I am going to produce a 'dancing' horse moving with disco beats.. I have made the Horses head out of paper mashe as I did with my last brief on Little Red Riding Hood, I have found a really good book called Tangible, some amazing funny images that going to help me loads & found some good animation that I put on my blog.
Lets see what happens.

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