Monday, 28 September 2009

Contemporary Studies: Post-modern

(Art Modern Art 1945-2000, David Hopkins,page 107)
Post-modernism means post war after war & cerebration of difference & human identity. Postmodern artist sometimes use early modernist, like classical work & combine them to create something new.

Post-modernism started in the 1960s when new forms happened, new art such as pop art, bright colours, mixed photography, paints & drawing. Global started with cultural identity race artistic techniques, mixed media & new commutation technology, such as mobile phones, satellite TV & internet.
‘Like other postmodern works, requires that viewers add their own interpretations for the work to be meaningful. Rather than assert absolutes’(post-modern).
Post-modern art obtains individual meaning of personal stories that responds with awareness.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Animation Day

This my animation called 'the magic carrot' from I stop motion.

Love this video from the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the way she dancing and the glitter at the end of the video, it's not an animations but I think it will help me when I'am creating my animation for my dancing horse.

The ABCD pop up book, my maths tutor showed my this, I like the movement and each letter has a different pattern and texture and each letter pops out.

I am loving the animation on this music video Ladyhawke, Illustrations by
Sarah Larnach and also check out this blog its pretty good blog, its got loads of mixed media from Illustration to music.

I love the movement in the opening sence to Juno, loose animation in this and the music goes so well, so cute.

A sneeking look of my Istop animation, still need a lot of work on it, its geting there. My animation is called the Magic Carrot.

ffwd from blu on Vimeo.

For my I stop animation my plan is going to based on a theme of a horse, for the background I am going to link it within the figure of my Horse with sound effects or music, my animation is to responds to words that I got given- I am going to produce a 'dancing' horse moving with disco beats.. I have made the Horses head out of paper mashe as I did with my last brief on Little Red Riding Hood, I have found a really good book called Tangible, some amazing funny images that going to help me loads & found some good animation that I put on my blog.
Lets see what happens.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Buy art fair 2009

For the first time EVER I am selling one of my art work at Buy Art Fair, I am very nerves because im the only student selling work in our group.
So come down to urbis anyways because there be 360 art stalls to have a look at & buy art work.

Right after Buy Art Fair Urbis Creative are having exhibition 'Show & Tell' at Urbis.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Colour 60s Day

We had a colour day and got into groups of colour decades and research on what colours were used and define four swatches, we research 60s colours and look at a lot of 60s colour books from the library and internet. In the 60s there were underground magazine, which sprang up in America and Europe the best magazine was Oz. (Ilex: publisher: Alastair Campbell, page 1938, 2007)
I found an Interesting page from the Retro graphics cookbook about the colours elements and the colour libraries numbers.
I love this poster, Mr. Tambourine man-Martin Sharp, 1964. (Ilex: publisher: Alastair Campbell 2007)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Critical Studies:

An interview with Sara Fanelli about her main influences on her work.
An interview with Sara Fanelli: (Varoom03/ march 07/ interview by Steven Heller)
Sara Fanelli explains how her dream-like images are drawn from a rice gene of pool of mythology, literature, art and playfulness and how her philosophically inclined imagination has created a body of work that challenges and delights in equal measures, also she gives personal interpretation and visual comments to texts rather then merely literal description.

When you sit down to make art, what do you want to come out of it, and are you sure at the outset, what it is that will come out?
I definitely love the element of accident and surprise which is a gift of the process of making images, especially in a relatively old fashioned technique like collage. Cutting the wrong shape; spilling ink; covering mistakes. How I do plan a general composition, so that I have a guide for the happy mistakes. In fact, playfulness in the work (as in life) is so important that if there wasn't an element of it with its surprises, I wouldn't enjoy making pictures as much as I do.

I sent an email to Sara Fanelli and asked about her main influences on her work.
I have found a website about her trick of the trade

An email from Matthew Richardson-

Hi Liz

Sorry it’s taken a while to reply, but I've been v busy with one thing and another. Below are some answers to your questions:

What method to use on your images?
I use a combination of drawing and collage

How your images made?
I start the images by accumulating appropriate materials - found photos, textures etc and also by drawing the idea. I then scan the drawings and the bits and pieces and assemble and finish the illustration in photoshop.

They hand made or digital?
A bit of both! (See above)

How big are your images?
I usually work at scale - so about A4 - A3

Who influences you?
Things influence me as much as artists. I collect lots of bits and pieces from charity shops. I like old objects and cultural artefacts - game boards, books, figurines, commemorative plates, etc. If I had to name a couple of artists that I'm interested in at the moment, I might say Hannah Hoch, Cranach, Franz West, and Simon Starling

I hope these help. If you need any other information, please email me again
Best wishes
PS I will probably meet you in January as I'm coming in a day a week to work with year 1!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Character drawing/images- of what i like.

My work: fished my legs, they kind of remind me of Alice in wonderland, it was my favorite film when i was younger & still is he he. Media used: pen and felts.
My work: I finished head. media used: paint and wire.

Miro: Miro work help me with me making my figure images, i didn't like him at first, but i find them interesting and childlike.

Alexander Calder.

Looking at Picasso body images and they are very quirky.

Moving characters and i love lego.

Fifi lapin.

Sara Faneilli. Children Illustration