Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Berlin is great

Monkey- This was taken outside the studios.

Big head

This is taken from inside a Art Studio, I forgot what it was called?? It's a big old building and up the many stairs is loads of studios. Outside their was a guy welding metal into animals.


I have been doing some amazing activities over the summer, I went to Berlin for 4 night and didn't want to leave. I went with my friend and took a lot of interesting photos, Berlin is a pretty amazing place and I adore the culture and art. Plus food/beer is well cheap.

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  1. i cant wait to go in November.. im gonan save up all my pocket money and work extra hard delivering newspapers jsut so i can go! :)

    also cheers for the link to Ian Stevenson's work.. shall have a proper look at it laters.

    ive never been germany but can imagine liking it for some reason

    take care x