Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Celebration David Bowie Day

Our challenge is to choose a band or artist and create an illustrated response inspired by two of their tracks. Be facing this issue head on and demonstrating our vision of a brave new world for illustration in music.
Our target audience intended for the illustration will be the fan base of the musician/band/artist I select as part of answering the brief.

Flight Of The Conchords-David Bowie
Flight of the conchords: Fashion is Danger
I have idea of an art performance with mad fans dressed up as David Bowie's.
I design a pretend website and all the mad David Bowie fans see a link for a time, date and when to get together to celebrate David Bowie Day.

Not lose the idea from the brief I have chosen two songs lyrics and keep in the structure of what the brief outcome.
For the event I am going to have workshop (Singing Booth) to do with two songs when they are playing.
The two Illustration are going to be a film of the event and a photo.
I am looking at public art and came across Bob and Roberta Smith- he created a diary for a book called 'Art U Need: My part in the Public Art Revolution'.
He commissions five artists to create site-specific projects to transform open spaces in South Essex
Flight Of The Conchords Carol Brown / Girlfriends From The Past. Directed by Michel Gondry
Be Kind Rewind, Directed by Michel Gondry

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