Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tony Book & Adrain Shaughnessy.

I went to the Lecture at the Print Works to see Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook. I was interested with the music side to them and creating music albums for the band Primal Scream and creating the designs for Fabric-London nightclub. They both get inspired by a lot of books, one of them said "when you find something good on the internet, you can't find it again but with a book , you can always find it."


For Practitioners this year, I really enjoyed ContainerPLUS when Nicola Carter came to Stockport College for a talk. They combine and collaborated with illustration, photography, set design, performance, and 3D elements. They have a few well-known clients, Topshop, Selfridges, Sony, MTV and Q Magazine. I found the talk interesting and fun and inspiring.
+++Make Me a Supermodel, installation working with the candidates for the Channel Five TV show+++

Nicola set up ContainerPLUS with Luise Vormitty in 2002/2003, they met studying at Camberwell University. They both finished Uni in 2002, their work was very different but both shared a good sense of humor. They had a joint project and had the exhibition at the Notting Hill Arts Club and they got nominated at Creative Review’s “Creative Futures 2003” from that they got commissions, editorials, book covers, and interior design. From that countainerPLUS grow and another lady jointed.
+++A sinful tea set+++

Their style of work is elegant, simple, soft and very thought through. I looked at ContainerPlus last summer and ardor their work and I would to work in a company like them, they seem to reinvent themselves and explore techniques and develop new ideas and I do with the work I create. They seem to have a lot of compassion and care towards their work and looks like they all have fun working too. When I am working I have got to have fun, when I am not having fun, you can see that through your work.
+++TV BAFTA awards: sets for the BAFTA aftershow party+++

Paul Rand

This is Paul Rand "starting with a lousy photograph of Mencken, he magicaly produced a comic image that became a virtual logo for the writer" this niave silouet framing Mencken.