Monday, 29 November 2010

No1 Fan

This image is going to be screen printed on to a t-shirt for a photo shoot on weds, the photo shoot is going to be an idea for what a No1 Fan looks like.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's raining elephants

When Janet came back from Berlin, said she went to see these guys. She showed my their work. I think it is right up my street, with the idea of events and getting people involved with art and making it public art.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Celebration David Bowie Day

Our challenge is to choose a band or artist and create an illustrated response inspired by two of their tracks. Be facing this issue head on and demonstrating our vision of a brave new world for illustration in music.
Our target audience intended for the illustration will be the fan base of the musician/band/artist I select as part of answering the brief.

Flight Of The Conchords-David Bowie
Flight of the conchords: Fashion is Danger
I have idea of an art performance with mad fans dressed up as David Bowie's.
I design a pretend website and all the mad David Bowie fans see a link for a time, date and when to get together to celebrate David Bowie Day.

Not lose the idea from the brief I have chosen two songs lyrics and keep in the structure of what the brief outcome.
For the event I am going to have workshop (Singing Booth) to do with two songs when they are playing.
The two Illustration are going to be a film of the event and a photo.
I am looking at public art and came across Bob and Roberta Smith- he created a diary for a book called 'Art U Need: My part in the Public Art Revolution'.
He commissions five artists to create site-specific projects to transform open spaces in South Essex
Flight Of The Conchords Carol Brown / Girlfriends From The Past. Directed by Michel Gondry
Be Kind Rewind, Directed by Michel Gondry