Thursday, 10 February 2011

This a email from Sarah Fotheringham. Her work crosses a range of creative disciplines- from Fine Art, Printmaking, Advertising, to Costume, Set Design and Illustration,

Hi Liz,

Sorry I have taken an incredibly long time to get back to you; I've had a very busy couple of months!

I've tried to answer your questions...

What materials I use and how I approach my work depends - sometimes there might be particular materials or a method that lends itself well to communicating my idea, sometimes it might be because I want to try out something new and learn new skills. Time and money are often constraints that rule out certain materials...

When I was at college and had projects that I felt were getting too big for me I roped in help - either from friends in my year or from first or second year students. It's cool to work with someone else too - if you have someone like-minded you can team up with it really helps when you want to realize ambitious projects. I think it's really important to get a good set of friends at college so you can support each other on projects when you leave.

Don't feel worried about when you leave - my advise would be just to launch into as much work experience as possible in the areas that you're interested in. Gradually you'll work out what you enjoy, what you don't, what you're best at and make contacts... it doesn't matter that you don't know exactly what you want to do - I'm working in advertising at the moment, but I'm not sure I want to do this forever - who knows what I'll do next! I say do something until you don't enjoy it anymore, or until you've learnt all you think you can from it.

With your portfolio I'd say it might be work including a small description of the project with your images so that they have more context.

Anyway, I hope this is of some use and isn't too late to help you with your PDP!
Good luck!



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