Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Recent Visit to London & Leeds

When we went to London for portfolio visit, I was happy that I went, I made one appointment for myself called Fred & Eric.

Fred & Eric are multidisciplinary creative agency, they combine illustration & animation. They were lovely ladies, give me advise about my work, they said to keep them up dated with how my work is going & this summer I might be helping out with a music video with them.

Second portfolio visit was with Faber & Faber, this book agency was not what I want to get into for my career but it was very helpful. It was interesting of how a front book cover is created.

Third portfolio visit was Big Orange, it is a studio shared with AOI. They went through our portfolio & one of the illustrators said about my work (which made me think) on the ‘A Night in The Woods image’ “is this the finished image, or is this a record of what your night would be & is the photograph the final image?” for my portfolio I will change the title to a record of of the night. We met an artist called Paul Davis, he was a humorous, quirky character & made us laugh. he showed some of his work & told us to enter magazines.

That evening we went to a pub in Kingways for an event with Shell Suit Zombie, they are a project run by graduate, that encourage students & the creative industry.

The next day we met up with Gillian Blease, she was very helpful; she said while looking through my work I should get into art direction, installations, and festival based/live events.

On the Thursday in the morning I want to Leeds to see Lord Whitney they are a collaboration between Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney. They combine photography, prop making, set design with creating life size illustration & installation. They produce window display, festival tents & interiors. Their studio was amazing, they were both helpful & what else I should have my portfolio. They are art directing Just So Festival in the summer in Leek & they want 3 interns to help out with the festival, they want a summery of what I hope to gain from this experience for the 20th May, I am going to enter it.

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