Monday, 13 December 2010

Ideas for your Journal

You have identified the importance of animal masks in your work as a way to disguise or create a new identity. A transformation occurs when a mask is put on. The wearer becomes a something new and the viewer wonders what they are looking at? Animal masks have been used in the theatre in plays such Equus by Peter Shaffer and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ask what is the significance of these masks being used?
Animal masks are also used in other cultures for ceremonial or ritual purposes, such as these Inuit animal masks, the people believe that the spirit of the animals would be presented to them so they wear these masks and have a dance or a festival for the spirits. A wolf, owl or polarbear masks would signify these animals qualities such as feirocity, wisdom, strength, cunningness, and speed. As well as looking at how mask are made and what they look like, really think about what they mean for your Journal.

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