Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Francesca Williams is an Illustrator, Photographer, Film maker and a cake decorator. She got back to me with really good advise-

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your email, i'm glad you like my work. I haven't really been doing much prop based, costume or photography work for the past few years, but i'll try and answer your questions as best I can.

Which artists do you admire?
Andy Warhol, John Waters, Vincent Gallo, Larry Clark,

What materials do you use?
For my illustration I just use pens and paper! For other work I have often used a variety of textiles from a supply I have been building up over many years or vintage fabric, remnants and trimmings.

Who influences you?
Its not just people who influence me, I am influenced and inspired by all different kind of things. I don't really look at the work of my peers or follow much contemporary art or illustration so I am influenced by my own inspirations. (theres a list at the about me section of my website)

How long does it take to do your work/shoot?
It completely depends on the project. Some work can be done in a few hours, others take months of planning and weeks to complete.

If you get an artist block on your work, how do you overcome that?
I stop trying to do whatever it is i'm trying to do, do something completely different. Go for a long walk at nighttime. do something else and come back to it.

What would you advice someone who trying to get into the industry?
I'm not sure I really consider myself part of an industry but my advise to any creative people is to try and never compare yourself to anybody else and create for your own sake.

I took a look at the files you attached, I think you are creating some really interesting images and the figures and subject matter seem really considered, I think it might to be good to try and work on the backgrounds of the images and experimenting with propmaking for the backgrounds and sets, perhaps also even 3 dimensional text (it could be any kind of materials or techniques) would be interesting to try too.

I hope I helped a little and I wish you good luck in your studies,

Kind regards,


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